Why Your Business Needs Email Marketing

Email Marketing
Think email is outdated? Think again. Discover how your business can use email to drive sales, build brand and create lasting customer relationships.


Maybe you’re thinking about updating your website, launching that new Facebook page or revising your company’s sales brochure.

But you could be overlooking one of the most powerful marketing opportunities available to small businesses today: Email Marketing.

In fact, 68% of small business surveyed recently by Pitney Bowes listed email as their preferred marketing channel. Why? Because email is cost efficient, time efficient, and most importantly, when done right email marketing gets results!

In fact, email marketing’s ROI for 2011 was $40.56 for every $1 invested. Can you say the same for your last direct mail campaign?

Here are just 6 reasons why your business needs email marketing:

  • Builds relationships and influences customers
  • Creates brand awareness
  • Attracts new customers
  • Generates more revenue per customer
  • Boosts website and social media traffic

“But I don’t want to SPAM my customers!”

The reason many small businesses avoid or neglect email marketing is that it is one of the most misunderstood communication channels.

You see, there’s a right way and a wrong way to conduct email marketing campaigns.

The wrong way involves blasting emails to people who have not given you permission to email them. That’s SPAM. This approach comes with real risks for businesses, including blacklisting (having all your messages blocked by major email service providers like Yahoo! or Gmail) and even fines, not to mention the damage it would do to your brand.

On the other hand, permission-based email marketing, or email marketing done right, can effectively convert prospects into customers and build long-term relationships with your clients by providing them with valuable information and offers that they have asked for.

And even with the boom in social media, email is not going away. In fact, the Direct Marketing Association projects that email will drive $67 billion in sales in 2012, and grow to more than $80 million by 2016.

One of the reasons that email marketing remains effective is that email works so well with your other marketing channels. For example, email can be used to drive traffic to your sales landing page or social media site. Email is also effective when used in conjunction with online advertising and even traditional direct mail. It can be powerful as a stand alone tactic or when integrated into your marketing campaign.

But even though email is effective and efficient, it’s not easy.

Building a powerful permission-based email marketing list, crafting compelling content, writing subject lines that grab attention and improve open rates are all elements of successful email campaigns.

While these may sound like challenging tasks for email marketing novices, with a little knowledge, practice and experience, you can soon find your self launching successful email campaigns that grow your business, build your brand and create lasting relationships with your customers.

And that’s why we invite you to learn more about email marketing now.

Discover how email marketing can grow your business, the elements of successful email marketing, and the 5 email secrets that will help you crush the competition.

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